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It's Me... Hi!

There are new faces here, so I'm introducing myself and sharing why I shifted gears late in my successful nursing career to help people enhance their CONFIDENCE!

My name is Becky Konkol. I am 51yrs young and have been married to Ilume's CFO, Tony, for 28 years. We have two almost-grown children and a Goldendoodle who loves my husband more than me.

I grew up on Randolph Street in Stoughton from Pre-K to 5th grade. While my family moved away when I was younger, Tony and I took our first opportunity to move back when our children were school-aged.  We LOVE the Stoughton community!


I have first hand experience in the confidence gained through anti-wrinkle injections, peels, and medical-grade skincare. It made me feel like my old self. Maybe not 20 years old, but definitely early 40's. I knew I needed to take the leap and help others feel refreshed and Illuminated!

That's when I began to take certification classes on injecting and FELL IN LOVE!  I signed up to follow several injectors on Patreon, shadowed fellow Nurse Practitioners who owned their Med Spas, took more classes, and then I took the leap into starting my own Medical Spa. 


This isn't about achieving some celebrity's version of 'beauty'. It's about achieving your version of whatever will make you feel more confident, and illuminated.Bring who you are to my door. I show up with a passion for pink, bright colors, making my clients feel amazing and a lot of spunk!

gradient background_4x-100.jpg
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